Monday Gumbo


Purdue's football team scrimmaged again this weekend, and this time the defense showed up. Gone was the 10 yard/carry performance by ATM, and it was replaced by more-human 7yds/carry while Carlos averaged around 3. But, the 2nd and 3rd-string QBs were kinda sloppy with the ball as they had a combined 4 picks.

Robert Marve had a solid day without any picks. Based on the stats being released, it seems (not surprising to anyone) that Marve is putting space between himself and Henry/TerBush.

Kawann Short had a pick six on a screen and is now going by "KK" on GBI. No problem there as a big, bad dude can do what he wants...but Kawann sounds a ton-more tough, at least to me, than KK. Hopefully his old nickname doesn't become what's printed in media guides.

Spring football is so odd- because, as a fan, you really don't want to hear about either side of the ball these manic swings of success are a good thing. But, if you're like me, they're not easy to hear about. It's gotta be difficult to play the same guys and same coaches, day-in, day-out as adjustments are meant to combat very-specific strengths and usually work. Regardless of outcome, it's good to see some of the early injured players in camp are getting back on the field and most of the veterans are showing as they should be.

F1 Lite

As some of you know, I'm an Indy Car fan. But what I saw yesterday, while an extremely-clean race, was flat-out boring.

Much like it is in the F1 ranks, this race had little to do with the drivers and everything to do with preparation and what happened behind the walls in the pits. And, once-again, Penske came out on top as Castroneves was a mere technician in the equation. I thought the venue looked good on TV, but it clearly didn't race well as passing was nearly-impossible. This is quite a contrast when compared to the previous races that seemed to be more competitive and had some solid action as out-breaking your adversary paid off...not so much in 'Bama.

When you think of the deep Southeast, you obviously think Indy Car first...right?? And, when you think of road course, after road course, after road course, same thing?? Me neither. This series needs to figure out its identity in a hurry.

I was glad to see Danica not in contention for most of the race though and Duno was a non-factor as well. I'm not comparing the two, because Danica at least has guts and ability...but I like getting a break from her cute mug in front of the camera whining or being the focus of a human interest story.

No Surprise

Mickelson won the masters going away on Sunday as he made a ton of big shots and simply made the tournament into no contest. Westwood couldn't stay with Lefty's pace and Woods simply had an off day...but still finished in the top-5. While I think he'll win at least one major this year, I think his season will get more-interesting as the shelter of Augusta are lifted and he ventures further-out into the real world.

For me, almost- nothing is better in HD than golf, especially the Masters...and this weekend didn't disappoint. But, the loss of USA's coverage was disappointing as there were huge gaps in the TV coverage and the online cameras didn't show the entire course.

The Fall Guy

In case you haven't been following it, the NCAA, EsPN and USC are following a predictable business model in their handling of the long-overdrawn saga of Reggie Bush and OJ Mayo. The formula is quite simple, as we saw in Columbus a few years ago.

Step 1: Vilify a player that's inconsequential.

A few years ago, it was Clarett who's reputation took it on the chin. Sure, he was an easy guy to dislike as he clearly didn't have a work ethic and had been given everything in his life...but he wasn't the devil incarnate that aOSU and the media made him out to be. Remember, his pal Troy Smith was also involved in receiving a car and other perks that weren't within the rules of the NCAA, but he went on to win the Heisman and a National title...not so much for Tressel's former prized recruit.

In SoCal, Bush, Mayo, some coaches and some parents' reputations are taking on the chin...kinda. Too bad their breaking of the rules, and maybe the law, don't really matter at this point.

Step 2: Find an internal part of the Athletic department that can be publicly-humiliated and eventually fired.

That part in the aOSU case was Andy Geiger...and Tressel, who didn't know what was happening, kept his job and handsome vest.

For the Trojans, that guy is Mike Garrett. Right before the NCAA's findings are about to be released, Tim Floyd's complaint of Garrett as a boss has come to light...and conveniently, so have ex-players' accounts of how much of an angry, out-of-control guy Garrett is.

Pete Carroll has exited stage left to the NFL ranks, without a slap on the wrist, mind you...Bush and Mayo have gone on to become sanctioned professionals at their game of choice...Tim Floyd has gotten a job elsewhere in the NCAA where, of course, he could never break any rules again. And the hammer's about to come down on Garrett, not USC, with great vengeance and furious anger!

I'm not saying he's a good guy or doesn't deserve some of the blame. But, I'm amazed that these literal scandals, especially with the cash cows of the NCAA, seem to always tie up so neatly and tidily. It's funny how that happens, isn't it?

At the same time, programs like IUPUI's athletic department are shaken to their foundations by much-lesser accusations and findings...and the Purdue's of the world get set-back 5-10 years with less-egregious rules being broken...but guys like Kiffin, Tressel, Calipari, Calhoun and even legends like Holtz and many others skate on with the bubble of protection around them that some simply don't have the opportunity to utilize.

Step 3: Continue as you were like nothing happened.

Ta-Da! Scandal over, disaster averted...and the NCAA's big-money programs continue as they were.

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"Yeah, It's Tennessee. That's The Way it is Sometimes"