File this under things we're jealous of?

UND fans tell us we hate them because we're jealous of them. On one hand, they're right. Who wouldn't want to have the media fawning over your favorite team even when they don't win. Yeah, that's been happening for the past few seasons or so...but that's not the point of this post.

By the way, I'm not sure that point is something to be jealous's more of a sign of the stupidity of the media, specifically EsPN. They do their best to remind us of their lack of interest in real sports stories and perpetually focus on the pop-culture around sports, not what happens on the field- music video pre-games, anything pertaining to Brett Favre, breaking stories that aren't real, and Notre Dame football. Stuff like that. Anywho.

One of the things I detest about UND is their belief that God actually favors them (Domers, he actually loves BC and Liberty the most, by the way).

So, here's an example of an arrogant Notre Dame fan in the media from a station that I don't care about.

Did you catch that? When given the opportunity to apologize or back off of his asinine joke, he decided to reiterate it because he thought it was correct. Couple points- first off, the official play clock is not that of EsPN. No, the official clock is hardly ever in complete sync with that on the TV screen. Second, and more importantly, this is clearly a poor attempt at humor. Nothing's funnier than heart I right? High five, no?

I mean, my Dad had to get a few stints put in a few years ago. Our family just laughed and laughed at the situation! Good times...Dipshit.

Plus, whether or not this guy thinks he's funny, the root of his crappy attempt at comedy is arrogance and a firm belief that the Almighty would punish anyone for beating Notre Dame. Come to think of it, perhaps he's right! UND's administration and coaching staffs the past decade or so have been doing their best to make sure UND loses quite a bit and what's happened to them? Davie's out of coaching, Willingham's out of coaching, Weis went from OC of the World Champs, to a laughing stock at UND, to coaching an offense that's averaging just over 18pts/gm.

So while Brian Kelly takes the high road and doesn't put blame on the clock operators for UND's most-recent loss, he might wanna be careful and get out while the getting's good...because afterall, God just hates it when UND loses!

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