The Handsome Bracket Challenge

With one game to go in the 2012 NCAA Tournament, the potential winners are now clear in the Handsome BS Bracket Happy Times Extravaganza.

I'd like to point out that at least one of the BS editors (ME) has lived up to knowing something about college basketball. I'm currently in 7th place overall and with a Kentucky win, I can finish as high as 4th. Or first, if the three people who would be ahead of me resign due to illegal campaign contributions.

If UK wins, the current leader -- PurdueKirk -- will claim victory and lay claim to his rule over all of you, his soon to be loyal subjects. If KU pulls off another weird victory, it'll be schaefd2146 who brings home the hardware.*

So enjoy your last college basketball game of the season (err, sorry, you're last men's college basketball game) and if you're one of the two aforementioned dudes, contact us after the final buzzer to discuss your prize. We used to offer a chance to post here and an appearance on the podcast, but since that doesn't seem enticing enough, you can choose from a night of passion with absentee editor Tim, Boilerdowd's riding lawn mower (it cuts Purdue "Ps" in the lawn!) or my bottle cap collection.** 

*Note, actual hardware not included.
**Prizes subject to availability

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