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Brees was worse in every category in his first year at Purdue than the two below

Here's a comparison of two Purdue QBs in their first year under center in God's country:

86/162 996 yards 53.1% comp. 8TD 7Int 112.4 rating

69/142 686 yards 48.6% comp. 2TD 3Int 89.6 rating

These two are pretty comprable since neither started an entire season and both looked pretty anxious at times being thrown into their roles. They're also comprable in the fact that the guys around them really liked playing with them. That's about where it ends though. Orton always had a pretty good throwing motion and his stature allowed him to look over the line...but he ran a bit like a wounded animal. Henry kind of slings the ball and tends to throw through lanes as he doesn't stand as tall in the pocket. But, Henry's ability to run and overall athleticism is unlike any quarterback we've seen at Purdue.

The main reason I posted this was to remind all of us that players develop when given the time and tools to do that...Henry needs some guys to come along around him, but it's not out of the realm of possibility to have Henry become a QB in the upper third of the league this season and even more in his Junior and Senior years.

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