Road Trip Poll Results

Last poll gave you all the opportunity to cry poor in the hopes that another generous BS donor will take you all to a Purdue game, with the winner of the poll regarding away games being "I ain't got no scratch," at 45% of the vote....which is quite a bit given how many options there were in the poll.

Second was the Rice game at 23%, and I have to say, good work on that one, Boilers. Football in Texas is taken only slightly less seriously that the rules around wearing hats and boots, so the fact that it's looking more and more like Purdue is going to have a solid representation at a game this far from the campus is terrific.

The rest of the options all split up the vote, all getting 5 or 6 percent. What this means, of course, is that whatever games I get to on the road, I expect BS readers to be there in the tailgate area or the nearest pub, ready to have a brew together.

Molto Bravo! Smooge to Italy (and gumbo)

QB Camparo