Cat Fight!!! (& other Indy Car notes)

I think Danica Patrick is a whiny lil' b--all of energy, but you all know what I think of Milka Duno...At least Danica has the capability to compete. Duno is Hugo Chavez' pet project so she still has a ride. Otherwise, she'd be just another quadra-lingual, multiple-masters degree-holding race car driver on the dirt tracks in South America. Anywho, when the perpetually bitchy, attention-hogging Patrick decided to "talk" to Duno about her lack of skeelz, of course, the ESPN cameras were there (how'd they know where Danica was going?). Here's what happened-

Now, Patrick was out of line in a couple of ways- she had to bring the cameras down to the Dreyer and Reinbold pit (and couldn't handle it in private) and she started off the conversation by cursing at her less-good-looking counterpart. But, Charro...errrr Duno, whose high-level education clearly was not in Zen studies, tact or diplomacy (or driving, by the way), responded by throwing a towel at Danica...not once, but twice. If this was two men, it would have surely been a fight after the initial cursing, let alone something being thrown at the other person...There's an easy, sexist joke in there some place about how they should have settled this, but I'll leave that up to you guys.

A day later, the Indy Car ladies and gentlemen raced a pretty solid road course race in mid-Ohio. Thankfully, Ryan Briscoe earned the victory after a series of unfortunate events had left him empty handed in his last few races. Penske finished one-two as well as Roger's strategery and maybe a little bit of luck boosted both of his drivers to the podium. I was told this would be a race where the ex-Champ Car guys would dominate as their road course experience would bring them all to the top...Will Power & Servia had solid days, but, both Rahal and Wilson had unforced mistakes that kept them out of contention in the end.

Marco Andretti continued to make rookie mistakes...and due to an early one, he was later an innocent victim of a pile-up that knocked him out of the race. Dixon hung around the top and earned third place, Marty Roth continued sucking, and Vitor Meira also put in a solid effort that nearly earned him a top-5 finish.

In six days, Indy Car's in Edmonton with new old guy, Tracy...and IMS hosts NASCAB on Sunday. Should be a fun weekend.

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