Final Poll Places Purdue at 14

Our Boilers end the season at #14, according to the coaches. Pretty fair...

UNC was the unanimous number one, MSU (of course) finished second...and the squeaky-clean UConn Huskies, Purdue's final loss of the season, round out the top-3.

No other Big Ten teams finished in the top-25, but Illinois, Michigan and Ohio State all received votes...and of course, NIT Champ, Penn State received votes* as they should have as they were a good team.

I'm already excited about the Big Ten basketball season for '10...the Sophomore-dominated conference will grow up quite a bit in the off-season, and the conference with the best coaching will have quite a bit of firepower to go along with the strategery. Should be fun.

*Their NIT Championship opponent, Baylor, did not receive any votes...nor did Notre Dame, Kentucky, Creighton or Bowling Green.

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