Stupid Poll Ranks Hope 9th in Big Ten

In a poll conducted by either a 15 year old girl or a knowledgeable sports-type person with little focus, Danny Hope recently found himself at 9th place amongst his fellow Big Ten Football coaches.

It's not that I don't think he shouldn't be where he is in such a fact, I don't know how you can rate him anything but 10th* since we don't really know much about him as a head coach versus a big conference...But the subject matter itself is ridiculous.

But, if you're going to have such a worthless piece of drivel published in your online magazine, perhaps you should look at all of the info in front of you instead of just the small sliver that is in front of your face right now.

Stuff like this and pretty much every other worthless poll makes me respect companies like SI and EsPN less and less each day. Keep up the bad work, schmoes.

*Given: Bill Lynch is the worst coach in the Big Ten

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