Charlie Weis Dominance Continues

Taking aim at detractors

We all have witnessed Charlie Weis' greatness in person and on TV. The guy just has the "it" factor- Charming, devilishly handsome and he could sell Holy Water to the pope.

Atop that, he's rich...stinking rich...well that and he's a big deal with celebs.

Why, because of his great success. We knew when he was hired that UND would have a decided tactical advantage. And in Weis' first season, with a bunch of no-talents recruited by a horrible coach who didn't deserve the sacred UND job in the first place, he did big things. We're not going to talk about the post-season right now because the inability of those players to win in primetime came from the fact that those guys were recruited by Willingham. Again the following year, the Irish dominated! But, those damned Willingham no-talents couldn't close out the close-27-point loss in the BCS game simply because the culture of winning hadn't been installed yet. We saw last year versus the near-BCS-caliber opponent, Hawaii in the post-season no less, what Weis' players, in Weis' system could do.

Seasons ago, following the Irish's near-win to USC in the Manatee's first season at the helm, he was rightfully tied up in a long-term contract. I am now awaiting a press conference from South Bend detailing Chuck's newest 10 year multi-million dollar deal. He deserves it, it's about time he gets some respect.

Clearly, if he has "his guys" in his system he can do big things...we know the guy can coach- have you ever heard of Tom Brady. Yeah, thought so.

But, we all know UND fans didn't like Joe Tiller too was probably because he was too boring and wasn't rivalry-ish enough. But, in all fairness, Purdue's ex-head man was a lot like Charlie, with one exception- He didn't have a mattress full of Benjis.

Weis and Tiller both have a hard time beating the ranked opponents. Sure, Purdue fans weren't pleased with that, but Domers are completely fine with almost-beating USC...Good for them. I know it's been since '06 since Weis beat a ranked opponent...eight-straight games to be exact. But no matter.

He's the right guy. And I, for one, will stand behind Coach Weis as long as he wants to be there.

Keep up the good work, Chuck!! Afterall, in South Bend, almost does actually count.

my thoughts exactly.

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