Motor City Bowl: The Only Bowl Worse Than No Bowl

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Congrats Joe Tiller, Brock Spack & Bill Legg- You guys have reached another milestone. The goal was set at the beginning of the season- Get Purdue to yet another bowl. And tonight, the dream was realized once again as The Motor City Bowl announced its invitation to the Purdue Boilermakers.

Purdue joins the ranks of Central Michigan, Akron, Middle Tennessee State, Bowling Green and others as competitors in this illustrious by-invite-only competition. Grand Marshall of 2007 Tournament of Motors Parade, Marshall "Eminem" Mathers said, "Yo, I'm all excited and sh** about Purdue coming to mutha f***in' Detriot for this b**ch." Me too, me too.

Purdue's wiz-bang, super-fantastic, revolutionary offense called "Basketball on Grass" will face off against the Frenchie-led CMU offense that lit up MAC scoreboards and opponents alike all season. Purdue beat CMU pretty soundly earlier in the season despite taking a quarter of play off in West Lafayette...This game should be a good gauge of Purdue's progress as well as Joe Tiller's preparation. I'm stoked about it!!!

What a great position to be in for Purdue...Playing a tough opponent in a beautiful's the cherry on the top of this crap sundae of a season.

Let's all be real honest- Our Boilers are getting what they deserve- a lousy bowl.

...And we thought the Sun Bowl was bad.

In other news...
A few years ago, when Purdue's football team was riddled with lady beaters, drunks and pot heads, my brothers and I all picked teams that we would root for down the stretch as the bowl season approached in '05. I don't remember what the rules were, but we all chose non-Big Ten teams that were solid year-in, year-out. I picked UGA, my younger brother picked UT and older brother picked WVA...In your face, brothers Dowd! Unlike your squads, Uga didn't go out like a punk this season. Woof!

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