Thanksgiving's Over; Back To Normal Breasts

Yes, boys, Thanksgiving is over so it's back to regular editions of Sideboob Friday. Another special note about today's edition is that I think this will be the last regular edition for 2007 and we'll spend December getting cheery about the holidays with some voting on the best sideboob samples from 2007. Oh, it'll be fun. You'll enjoy it. And you know you'll vote.

Off to the races...Remember Saved by the Bell? It was a pretty forgettable show with some real homos as the leading men. However, it also featured baby-fat-ridden Tiffany Amber-Theissen-whatever-how-many-names-do-you-need. Well, judging by the picture above, the baby fat is gone. God bless airbrushing.

If you're a fan of the Asian persuasion, then there might not be many better than Lucy Liu. She made her bones on the weird-o show Ally McBeal, about a bunch of idiots at a Boston legal firm who never seemed to do any real lawyering but simply had hallucinations and allowed the title character to make everything and anything about herself. Sounds like a high school clique. Regardless, Lucy turned out okay. You wouldn't want to see Calista Flockheart dressed like this, would you?

Um, yeah, so remember the American Pie movies? Remember how in the first one, Allyson Hannigan was made out to be a complete dork-ass? And then in the second one, they realized it might be cool to make her actually a great person and suddenly she was pretty and far less annoying? And then in the third one she was basically every guy's dream -- attractive, good to bring home to mom and dad, and willing to give you a hummer under the table in a restaurant? Quite a transformation, I would say, and one that you wouldn't think could be topped. But just looking at how she now looks in the above picture seems to be a topper. Granted, she's not as stacked as most of the ladies we feature here, but I thought this picture warranted inclusion.

This, boys, is Emma Andersson. I don't know any more about her than that. And I don't think she was in any 80s TV shows or 90s dumbass movies. Does that make us love her any less? Of course not.

Have a terrific weekend, all.

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