A Tip O' The Cap To Ya, Seniors!

Purdue held their commencement exercises over the weekend so a big congrats to any and all of you who read this site and graduated this past weekend. We're so proud of you growing up into adult Boilermakers such as ourselves. For your and your future spouse's sakes, we hope you're more grown up than us.

In this interesting story, we learn that the ridiculousness of swine flu concerns continued as the traditional handshake was jettisoned in favor of a tip of the cap. I think saluting would have been even more fun.

After Indiana University announced they would not shake hands, Purdue also felt the need to prevent the spread of the virus, especially after the confirmation of three cases in Tippecanoe County.

Ah, yes, we wouldn't want the IU students to survive and ours to die. Good move.

“It pissed me off,” said Kathleen Kerins, a graduating senior in the College of Liberal Arts. “I’ve been through two graduations at Purdue, and they got to shake hands with Martin Jischke.”

Well, alrighty then. I know I, for one, have always wanted to shake the hand of the great Martin Jischke.

“I like the shaking of the hands,” said Brina Splingaire, a graduating senior in the School of Technology. “It’s more traditional.”

You know what's even more of a fun college tradition? Making out with hot 20-year-olds.

Splashing around in Loeb Fountain, Stanish just seemed happy to have graduated.

“You’re going too fast to even notice. I don’t think the hat tipping took away; what they did wasn’t terrible,” he said.

Stanish laughed at the term “abstinence” and mentioned wearing hand condoms, but the University views precautions against infection as no laughing matter.

Yes, you splash around in the fountain like a toddler, Stanish. Enjoy it now. Because in a few months, you'll be in a cubicle under fluorescent lighting, wondering how you're going to pay your rent, your electric bill and still have money to go to the bars this weekend. Where the chicks won't be as young or as hot and WILL care about your clothing labels and the kind of car you're driving. Welcome to "adulthood."

Of course, I'll feel silly about all of this if it turns out the "epidemic" is real and all that's left to repopulate the Earth are the 2009 classes from Purdue and IU. At least the rivalry would live on.

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