Across This Clear July Sky

Wherever you are today, we hope you're taking a moment (or a six-pack of moments) to celebrate how great this country is and how lucky we all are to be a part of it. It's not perfect, but that's part of what makes it incredible. The fact that we get to put so much time and energy into studying Purdue athletics and making fun of funny names is something that is not lost on us. As we've said before, we appreciate the opportunity and we appreciate you all reading.

We here at BS are spread around this great country. And, as we've come to learn, so are our terrific readers. And some, even, are in other parts of the world, but still tune in. A special shout-out to the expatriates, as I'm sure you wish you were on your native soil on July 4. We're thinking about you and we wish you were here, too.

Between callers to the Handsome Hour podcast and commenters here, we've seen/heard people from Indiana (of course!), both coasts, Texas, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, Minnesota, Alaska.... and many others -- too many to list. And the fact that we can all come together like we do -- despite our differences in geography, opinions and viewpoints -- is very awesome.

Enjoy the day. And if you're working, I'll drink an extra for you.

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