MLB Network Continues to Be Awesome for Baseball Junkies

MLB Network has it right. If you're into baseball, as I am, then you likely already love this channel. And compared to the other dedicated channels, I'd say it's at or near the best of the lot. And often, to me, it's the little things that they do in the course of their long evening shows.

This is just one recent example. With a lot of arguing and ejections seemingly happening lately, Joe Magrane and Harold Reynolds give a little demo on how best to approach an umpire when you disagree with their strike zone while also not getting yourself thrown out of the game.

Like I said, for baseball junkies like me, this is just cool stuff.

MLB, NFL and the Big Ten Network, in my opinion, do very good jobs covering things as they do, though I'd probably put BTN third in that list, for now. Further down the list, in pathetic territory are NBA TV and the NHL Network. Those who know me know I love hockey, too, so that's not BS. They do a horrendous job.

A more thorough breakdown of the best and worst sports networks will be forthcoming from your favorite Website -- once our July 4th hangovers die down.

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