Boom Goes The Dynamite

One of the ideas for creating a sports blog of any sort is to share things with your readership, no matter how small, that amuse them. Well, I realized we'd never posted this video below here and you've no doubt seen it by now since it's been on YouTube for a long time. However, if you haven't seen it, you're in for a treat.

I don't care how many times I've watched this -- it's like a really bad car wreck that you just cannot look away from...only better, because nobody is potentially dead.

This clearly was Indianapolis news so maybe boilerdowd can clue us in to what the hell is going on here...was this an intern? A practical joke? Whatever it was, it's awfully painful to watch.

What's amazing is how easily flustered this kid is. I mean, I screw up all the time and there are probably more people watching me in my office than there are watching the news in Indiana! (Okay, come on, that was kind of funny. No? Okay.)

I'm not certain of my favorite part since there are so many to choose from, but I dare say it might be this amalgamation of lines, delivered as one at around the one minute mark:

"Hoosiers are on the four on...on the year... and they have won six of its last seven games tomorrow will be the game three at three PM."

Read that again slowly and understand that I transcribed it word-for-word. Wow, it's lik ehe's having a minor stroke and is trying to speak through it. Perhaps the best part is that he's talking about Ball State and says "Hoosiers." Or maybe it's that he transitions with, "Moving to Ball State men's tennis," as though he was just talking about women's tennis when it was, evidently, men's baseball.

You just know going into this he was excited to use his shiny, new catchphrase, "Boom goes the dynamite," and he manages to use it, although it's hard to tell if he's watching the same highlights we're seeing.

Good stuff and worth your time for the laughter you'll get.

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