Super Bowl Extra Large Eye (tm, Tim)

You know, it really doesn't matter what I write here after posting that picture to the right. Yes, that's the best...jersey...ever.

Well, this weekend is the Super Bowl and just to refresh you on our picks to this point...

Tim is 5-5, I am 5-5 and boilerdowd is 7-3 and whupping our behinds. So this weekend's game is a moot point, except for second place in our little game.

In the first round, we examined the quarterbacks for each team. In the second round, it was the coaches that were analyzed. And in the conference title games, it was the logos we looked at. So here, for the Super Bowl, I'll allow Bear vs. Colt to be the thing we look to. Kind of amusing.

Picks for this weekend:

Tim: Bears (In true, SNL tradition, he adds the following line: "My prediction: Chicago Bears 94 - Indianapolis Colts 20")

boilerdowd: Colts (I don't even need to ask him.)

J Money: Colts (I don't trust wonder Rex.)

That didn't take too long...

Boom Goes The Dynamite