Early Thoughts on IU

In just two days, our Boilers face off against our theoretical rival, Indiana. And don't you just wish we played them twice this season and MSU just once? I sure do.

As the imagery associated with this posts shows, my line of thinking is that we need to be the Cobra Kai this weekend. No fricking mercy. Because it's not just about a Big Ten win (though that IS critical). This game is the only matchup between the two this season. IU is going to get better before long -- we all know this. And IU has nearly always gotten the better of the Boilermakers when it comes to recruiting. So what if you're a potential recruit, a kid from Indiana, who is watching these two teams? And you see the Boilermakers blow out the hapless Hoosiers in a raucous Mackey.... I would think that could have an impact on a young lad.

That said, I will admit I'm genuinely concerned about this game. Boilerdowd has told me I'm crazy to be worried, simply because IU is just that bad. And I understand that. But they've got little to lose and everything to gain... and we have a LOT to lose. I don't expect the Boilers to come out tight, but they've been slow-starters for two seasons now, and a slow start against a bad team is the one recipe for disaster. Allowing IU to hang around would be terrible, even if the Boilers pull out the win.

So going back to the Cobra Kai, we do indeed need to strike first, strike hard and show no mercy. IU got some wins over the sad Boilermakers teams in Keady's final years and Painter's first one. It's time to rub the salt right back in. And I don't care how bad IU is -- it will feel great, and I'd love to see a 30 point win. As 'dowd pointed out to me, Painter won't do that -- he will not rub it in. And that's a good thing. But I don't think 20-25 point wins are rubbing it in.

Let's show we're that much better. Let's show we really are a top 15 team. Let's demonstrate that the Purdue program is in that much better shape than the Indiana program. Let there be no doubt.

Sweep the leg.

Tick...Tick...Tick...Tick... (CMigrator copy 1)

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