Master of Double Speak

Today, Tiller held his weekly press conference. Here are some of the highlights:

-Kory Sheets vocal criticisms of what's been going on has made him off-limits to the press

-Elliott does not need surgery, but is still out for the season

-No mention of who's the second-string QB

-Kyle Adams is still out
-Frank Duong will play more this week

-Purdue's receivers aren't "big-play" receivers, but they're competent
(nothing makes an offense and its players more confident than being told they're "competent"...atta boy, Psych Guru!)

-Painter misses too many passes and is the main reason for the offense's problems
(Just because a quarterback isn't "accurate" and doesn't "read defenses" or "go through progressions" doesn't mean he should be held accountable...[all of these have been complaints of Tiller about Painter this season, mind you])

-Pre-determined passes hurt Painter's accuracy (Tiller's pre-determined route calling, according to the coach)

-The offense hasn't been challenging the opposition enough...

-Play-calling is too vanilla

-Historically, Tiller has demanded 2 trick plays to be available for each game...this year he has not demanded this...That seems contradictory, no?
(note: This is especially kooky since Tiller said they were going to call a fun, loose offense this season back when it was announced it was his last season...)

-Tiller's seriously, really, absolutely demanding 2 trick plays for each game to be presented to him as available for the rest of the season prior to each game...But he's not guaranteeing they'll be called.
(Way to hold their feet to the fire, coach!!!)

-His opinion of the offensive and defensive coordinators this season:

"I think they've done as good a job as they can based on our lack of productivity..."

Nice! Here's how good they've done in conference, statistically, you can decide for yourself:

11th in scoring offense
8th in scoring defense
10th in turnover margin
10th in rush offense (w/ Sheets averaging 98 yds/gm)
7th in rush defense
7th in total offense (w/ two receivers in the top-10 for receiving)
6th in total defense (63rd nationwide)
10th in pass efficiency
9th in first downs
6th in red zone offense
9th in red zone defense
10th in 3rd down conversion
Tied in last in the conference standings (my least favorite stat of all)

I wonder who is at fault when a team "lacks productivity"...hmmm? Ahhh, no matter, everything is just fine and should fix itself as the season progresses.

Ghosts and Zombies of the Grid Iron

Dunk you very much.