The BS Bracket Challenge Extravaganza: Join Now

Can you believe it's that time again?

In just a matter of days, the seeds will be set, the brackets will be revealed, and Becky in accounting will win your office pool and piss you off.

But fret not. Because there's another group to play with and it's right here, the Boiled Sports Bracket Challenge Extravaganza. (Group 14992 if you need it.)

Join and play against us...and each other. For every entry that beats Boilerdowd, he has promised to do a lap around the Purdue campus carrying Tim on his shoulders.

And for the winner, you get some Boiled Sports swag, the option to do a post here at Boiled Sports and a guest appearance on our final podcast of the season in early April. And if that's not enough, you could also win $10,000.*

So join up, bizznatches. It's on.

*If you beat everyone in the entire Tourney Challenge, not just in the BS Challenge.

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