The Handsomest Season Finale Ever

Judged against other podcast season finales, four out of five dentists agree that the Boiled Sports Handsome Hour is the best-looking podcast season finale about Purdue sports on Wednesday nights ever.

Tune in tonight at 9:30, PM, Eastern to hear your favorite Purdue boys discuss all things Boilermaker sports as well as shoot the breeze with fan favorite, Ryne Smith. Yes, that's right, Ryne will be making a return visit to the Handsome Hour, just as he did for last year's season finale.

Also, full disclosure: tonight's live streaming episode will be a "closed door" session, with no calls taken. We're not sure we'll have the time and we also don't think it's fair to have people wait 45 minutes on hold while we giggle with Ryne about things.

Mobile listeners go here:

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