Boiled Sports is Hiring; Inquire Within

Well, "hiring" might be too strong a word, since it implies you'd be paid. Which, if you count insults and people questioning your intelligence as a sentient being as "payment," well, then yes -- you'll be rich, bitch!

Boiled Sports is looking to take on a Purdue-based writer for the next year. We can't do all the heavy lifting around here (we're old, remember).

Our ideal candidate possesses some or all of the following characteristics/qualifications:

-Current Purdue student, ideally about to be a junior or senior
-Interested in writing about Purdue football and men's basketball
-Season ticketholder for Purdue football and men's basketball (who goes to the games)
-Smart-ass a plus
-Willing to provide opinions, analysis, recaps
-Willing to be associated with guys who like to stir the pot sometimes

We're looking for someone who is currently a student so we can sometimes get that on-campus feel that we are unable to provide because of where we're located. Frequency of posts is not something we want to set at a specific number because we never want this place to feel like "work," but if you're looking for a place to do some writing, talk about Purdue sports and have an audience of 50k-100k site hits a month, this might be the place for you.

If you're interested, send a note to and with no more than 300 words as to why you're an ideal candidate. Writing samples are a plus.

And just like your teacher might say, if we don't get any volunteers we'll just pick one of you at random and force you to do this. 

Thank you, please drive around.

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