Bobby Gonzalez Whack Job Tour Continues

Bobby Gonzalez, the recently deposed head coach of Seton Hall basketball, was arrested last week for shoplifting and criminal mischief.

You may or may not already know that Gonzo is completely insane. He had completely lost control of a program he only ran for four years -- somehow making a previously-mediocre program even worse -- and ended with a flourish, with him swearing at one of his bosses in a crazy rant about his "effing program."

Basically, Bobby Gonzalez ran things as though he was Bobby Knight, swearing at leadership and being a general douchebag. Only he didn't have any national titles, nor did his kids generally stay out of trouble and graduate. So, really, if you're an ass and your program sucks and you have no respect for your authority.... well, what reason is there to keep you around? The 2,500 people you packed into the Izod Center on game days?

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