Final Scrimmage- "We are going to have a good defense."

Maybe it's just because he's intoxicated on thoughts of his home in Wyoming being less than a year away, but in his last season at the helm, Joe Tiller surely isn't following his own advice about managing least on the defensive side of the ball.

"As I have said all camp, I like the way our defense runs to the ball, and that continued today," Tiller said. "I thought we came out ready to go defensively and made some plays. We are going to have a good defense."

Unlike the last scrimmage, the offense scored with more regularity, with the story, statistically being the running game seemed to dominate the play-calling. Ex-QB Siller had the most carries and the most yards (right around 6 yds/carry), but Bolden and Dierking both averaged around 8 yds/carry.

Vlad Tiller is still controlling the info coming out of camp, so we don't know the situations (ones, twos, types of plays, etc.) in which the yards were accrued, so it's hard to judge anything...But Brandon Whittington and Kieth Smith both had nearly 100 yards receiving and a lot of grabs while Orton didn't seem to be noteworthy. Painter completed nearly 70% of his passes w/ 260+ yards...and Elliot was just over 50% for 155 yds.

Honestly, I don't think these stats are worth too much, but the quote about the defense, to me is very interesting.

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