What The French, Toast?

Well, I'm feeling frisky as college football is just about upon us (though as Purdue fans, it's kind of like dry-humping for us.... no real action yet) and it got me thinking about the fact that once college and pro football gets started, we get to see some rather amusing commercials again. Sure, they'll be drilled into us until we can't stand them anymore, but there are always a few that are clever enough and funny enough that I, for one, don't tire of them.

Earlier this week on the Big Ten Blogger Google Feed, there was some debate over one of the B10B guys mocking another, blah blah blah.... after an awkward silence, one of the other guys, from the Nittany Line, says "You Stinky McStinkface!" To which I responded, "You lintlicker!" To which Brad from Maize and Blue Nation replied, "What the french, toast?" All of these, for those of you uninitiated, come from one single hilarious commercial:

It doesn't matter how many times I watch that -- I always laugh.

And as for other amusing commericals, I always loved this one from Bud Light, though I don't ever recall it actually being on our airwaves:

And for a tip as to what my wife deals with by living with me, the following commercial is one that I quote all the time:

And, of course, a classic I've always loved:

Hope you've enjoyed today's tour through profanity and fart jokes.

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