Best News Ever: Charlie Weis Sticking to His Plan

In probably the most memorable speech ever given in Gettysburg, the wise one, The Manatee, told sycophants and bandwagoners alike that he was sticking with his plan and would continue to do so. Honestly, this is much better news than anything I've heard in months. With the addition of Tenuta to his coaching staff, I actually was beginning to think UND would be a force. But, if his address in Gettysburg is the truth, people that have fond feelings for UND like myself should have a fun fall.

My favorite nugget from his speech was, "I could get hoodlums and thugs and win tomorrow," Manatee said. "I won't do it that way."

A lot's wrong with this statement...But, it harkens back to what I've always detested about Notre Dame- the belief that their student athletes are better than everyone else's. I know, they're all honors students and attend mass every morning...but their virtuous young men can't seem to get them over the hump, gosh darnit.

Teams like Boston College, Brigham Young, Wisconsin and others are Filled with thugs and hoodlums...So they're winning, obviously. If only UND would stop taking the high road, things wouldn't be so darned hard for them!!

"I buy it," One of the UND Club Members commented about Weis' speech. "I think were on the right track and I'm looking for a dramatically better performance on the field this year."

He's probably right...But games against San Diego State, a depleted Michigan team early in the season, Stanford, North Carolina, Navy and Syracuse might help them DOUBLE last year's win total...That is dramatically better.

Stick with that plan, oh wise one!!! Wake up the echoes...errrr something.

Hats off to you, forehead.

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