Hats off to you, forehead.

Tom Crean kicks out four of his own

In a move that I applaud, Coach Forehead has decided to cut the malcontents loose and move IU's program forward. This is a move, that in complete seriousness, I respect immensely.

So here's the skinny- The promising, oft-injured and completely thugged-out ex-Hoosier Eli Holman had a meeting with Crean yesterday. According to a few accounts, the meeting ended with Holman pulling a Bob Knight and hurling a potted plant at his new coach, cursing at him and ultimately, the police escorting Holman out of Ass Hall.

Both Armon Bassett & Jamarcus Ellis are both gone as well...Crean has decided to back up Dan Dakich's decision of booting those two bright lights of the college basketball world. They, supposedly, told Dakich to F**k himself when he told them to run after they missed a meeting following the end of the season.

Thomas leaves Bloomington following his last final, last night

In a move I completely disagree with, DeAndre Thomas will be gone as well. What Thomas didn't have in talent or heart, he made up with in girth. We will miss, young man.

So now, what are the Hoosiers left with? Here's what you got:
6'4" G Jordan Crawford
6'2" G Brett Finklemeier
6'7" F Brandon McGee
6'7" F Kyle Taber
(dont feel bad if you only know one of the above...no one else knows 'em either)
Plus five newbies, thus far- Nick Williams (3-star shooting guard with offers from Marquette and Arkansas), Tom Pritchard (3-star small center with offers from PSU and Miami of OH), Matt Roth (3-star shooting guard with offers from Notre Dame, St. Louis and Bradley), Devon Dumes (high JC recruit shooting guard with offers from aOSU, Alabama, Arkansas and others) and walk-on Daniel Moore of Carmel, Ind (I've seen him play...good shooter, but he's short for a Big Ten shooting guard- think Crispin).

I think they'll sign one more or start having open tryouts...It's going to be tough in Bloomington for a season or two, but Coach forehead has made the right decisions to start his stint in Ass Hall.

Creaning House?

Not so squeaky-clean?

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