Bottom Ten, As Per Maxim

Whenever we're starved for college football news during the summer doldrums, we turn to the most logical place: Maxim magazine.

Maxim has put out their list of the ten worst BCS conference teams. Let's have a look.

10. Michigan
Cream puffs may pad their record, but most of the Big 10 will eat up Big Blue.

Harsh. Let's hope it's also true.

9. Baylor
The Bears’ losing squad returns 18 starters, but their schedule is murder.

Big 12. Huh.

8. Texas A&M
Went a dismal 0-5 against the Big 12 South last year.

Big 12 again.

7. Washington
Even star QB Jake Locker can’t save the Huskies.

Meh, Pac-10, no surprise.

6. Mississippi State
New coach Dan Mullen brings Florida’s offense—but none of its players.

From the powerhouse SEC.

5. Indiana
Dumped their best player with no one to replace him.

Almost feels bad to pile on at this point.

4. Iowa State
These Cyclones will really blow against the Big 12.

Big 12 yet again. Let's remember this when Texas and Oklahoma are playing and we hear about how tough the Big 12 is.

3. Duke
The back-to-back Worst 10 champs ain’t called Dookies for nothing.

Nice. A dookie/poop joke.

2. Washingon State
Problem-free! Except at QB, RB, WR, and OL, that is.

Hey, it's the Pac-10.

1. Syracuse
The Orange have gone 10-37 over the past four years. Time to reward their hard work.

Didn't they beat Notre Dame last year?

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