More Details On Identity of Our Dream Party Bus

New details abound about the party bus for sale on Craigslist that we told you about yesterday.

Commenter MPfohl has the following to say:

Dude, that's my Uncle V's old bus. It's called the "Boiler Belle". I remember many tailgates there in my high school days. He and his buddy "upgraded" to an RV right before my freshman year. I'll tell you what, that thing is dope. In addition to flat screen stereos, let me tell you what else is on that puppy: a button on the dash that automatically blasts "Hail Purdue" from exterior speakers, a doorbell outside the bathroom shaped like a boob, and tons of seating. You can go to to check out some of the good times my family and I used to have there. If you can collect enough funds, BUY IT!!! Your wives will thank you because they will share in your good times/partying/debauchery.

It turns out the site we're advised to check out,, is not functioning, at least not with details of this awesome rig. However, there's a Facebook account for "Boiler Belle" and it appears to show the new and improved RV version mentioned above.

Once again, you fund a Boiled Sports (or a combined Boiled Sports/Hammer and Rails) acquisition of this bus and your name, business or whatever you want gets permanently emblazoned on it. Hell, it's a greyhound bus -- we can put a billboard/placard right on the back and you're in business.

A doorbell shaped like a boob? What better for Boiled Sports?

I mean, how often do you see a doorbell shaped like Boilerdowd?


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The Boiled Sports Party Bus?