College Football, I still love you.

Sure, you hurt me this weekend, but girl, you're so special to me. I know, I know, late Saturday night I didn't want to talk to you, but I can't stop thinking about you.

This time of year some of my friends tell me, "Boilerdowd, you should come out with me and my friend MLB Playoffs..." But everytime I'm about to spend the night in another's arms, your whisper draws me back in.

The passion of a second-string quarterback, a bunch of REAL student athletes and a first-year coach beating the best team in the land makes me yearn for you.

Sometimes, especially after my weekend trips to West Lafayette, I think things are never going to know, like our relationship is stuck in a rut. But then, a perennial middle-of-the-pack team reminds me that anything can change if the right parts are in place.

Your intricacies draw me in...the way you wear your hair or the fact that South Florida and Boston College are both in the top-10 cause me to lose my focus during the work day. Sure, parts of your personality make me angry...

But, what makes you special helps me look past your flaws and deeper into your soul.

I like the fact that Indianapolis is the home to the World-Champ, 5-0 Colts...But know that my heart belongs to you, College Football.

Up Yours, Comcast