Up Yours, Comcast

Boilerdowd, Tim & J Money Protest Comcast's fraudulent advertising practices

Alright, I've been brewing for a week, no more Mr. Nice Guy. Comcast, I'm sick and tired of the BS. I keep hearing this damned radio spot from Comcast bragging about how I'll see all of the major Big Ten games on TV if I'm a Comcast subscriber. Well, they're wrong.

I think about anybody in the Big Ten would consider a contest between 4-2 Michigan and 5-1 Purdue a pretty important (or major, depending on an individual's definition) game. Obviously, we're all wrong...TV Sports God, AKA Comcast tells me that I will see everything that matters sans BTN.

I, by the way, find both Comcast and the BTN at fault for the hardlines they're both towing. But, Comcast runs fraudulent, aggressive advertisements on the radio that have made my choice easy on whom I view as more wrong. Comcast is an arrogant monster conglomerate that doesn't care about its customers and instead of trying to provide the best-possible service, they merely run their company with the largest-possible margins. I understand this is a public relations battle between two media giants...it seems to me, that if perception is reality, Comcast has lost the battle.

If this rant does nothing more than make me feel better, it's accomplished something. While Comcast has millions of subscribers, they will have one less in Fishers, Indiana in the near future.

Please note, IU fan that you will also be getting screwed by Comcast this weekend.

Congrats Tim and Cleveland fans!!

College Football, I still love you.