Prepare to See Coaching Elite In Boxers

We already had the gay undertones of wife-cheater (Kobe), steroid-user (A-Rod), drunk driving bong-hitter (Michael Phelps) and general all-around stoner (Tony Hawk -- sorry, couldn't find anything really bad about him) doing a gay-undertones guitar hero commercial. But now we've got a cadre of college coaches doing it, too -- and hunchback Bob Knight referring to it as "Gee-tar Hee-row."

Avert your eyes.

I actually like the way they all kind of shake their heads at Knight's patented "throw something" maneuver. As an aside, though, has anyone ever gotten more mileage out of a single act of ass-hole-ry?

It is Time for the NCAA to shift the paradigm

National Champ!