It is Time for the NCAA to shift the paradigm

After watching the rounds of 16 and 8 this week, I came to a conclusion. The NCAA needs to change it's philosophy of utilizing the biggest-possible venues for the NCAA tournament.

From Indianapolis to Glendale, this isn't really working anymore. If fans show up, they complain about sightlines as these football domes have low-angle rows of seats that simply aren't ideal for watching a basketball game...but, more-importantly, not enough people are coming as 50, 40, 30 or even 20,000 fans aren't coming to the games.

And, as hard as CBS' producers try, they can't avoid the thousands of empty seats with their cameras...empty seats send the message that no one's watching; and that's simply not the case. Plus, the use of these facilities can't be as affordable as utilizing a large, designed-for-basketball arena. Plus, players and coaches alike all talk about the adjustment to shooting in a venue so large that there are literally breezes and depth perception is extremely difficult.

I know there are questions of scheduling that are a bit more difficult when you're playing in an NBA team's arena, but that can be worked out...with the exception of the Final Four, the NCAA needs to stop over-leasing space.

Is this possible?

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