Self-Deprication Is Always Funny

Here at Boiled Sports (and simply by being Purdue fans) we often get criticized for being whiners or always feeling like we get screwed somehow. I think in general we would agree that we always get screwed somehow, but you have to hear us out; usually, it's by our own coaching staff, like anytime Brock Spack is allowed to drink an entire container of maple syrup and then go draw up a defensive game plan. He just gets antsy in his pantsy.

Anyway, with college football season coming up sooner than you think, I thought it'd be fun to poke fun at our own brethren because, really, when you're a blindly loyal fan, you really can be ridiculous sometimes. Hell, some clowns are even predicting a 10-win season for the Boilers this season.

Below is a video cobbled together by someone who then put it on YouTube. It's from a rant by Colin Cowherd, noted ESPN radio douchebag who intentionally took down The Big Lead for no apparent reason a couple of months ago. Anyway, I have to admit that this bit is kind of funny. And to whoever the Purdue fan is who called in and tried his best to get his wacky-ass scenario heard: kudos, my good man, and way to Boiler Up.

Only 30 days until the season opener.

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