It's Getting Hot In Here/So Let's Look At Sideboobs

(Above post title sung to the tune of Nelly's "It's Gettin' Hot In Here," in case you couldn't tell.)

Well, we're into August, gentlemen. It's the time of year when it's best keep those wraparound shades on even when it's not completely sunny so you don't get caught eyeballing the wrong derriere. And it's hot as hell out here in the East, and I imagine it's scorching wherever you are, too. So let's keep the temperature hot with Sideboob Friday. God, that's the gayest lead-in ever. So to balance that gayness, let's look at some breasts. (Better? No? You just want to get to the boobies? Cool.)

The above picture is of one of my new favorites. She was featured just a couple of weeks ago in this very space, but there's just something about those sideboobs I can't pass up. So she gains coveted multiple-entry status here at Boiled Sports. Oh, wait, did I just say "multiple entry"? About a porn star? Uhm, I swear it was coincidental. Oh well, let's move along...

I don't know who this beauty from the Orient is, either. I think her name is Takiza Yanomami but I'm not certain. And, really, does it matter? Those things just might be eligible for the Sideboob Hall of Fame. Speaking of which, I'm thinking we might eventually need to put a voting endeavor together (perhaps at year-end) for the 2007 Boiled Sports Sideboob HoF. We could entitle the endeavor, "To Induct The Sideboobs," or TITS for short. Oh, wait, I did it again.

Our final beauty of the week is a young lady named Denise Milani. According to her Website, those are "all-natural, 32DDDs." And who are we to doubt her? They definitely appear to have a certain natural and realistic elasticity to them.

By the by, if you come across any good pictures that you think are eligible for sideboob enshrinement, please don't hesitate to show us your tits -- err, TIPS -- at

A good weekend to all, my good men.

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