Shocking News: Chris Berman Is A Douchebag

I'm not normally one to just lift a post from elsewhere and pass that off as posting, but this is one I just had to bring your attention to. I think most of our readers know of or regularly read Deadspin. And if you don't, you should check it out. Regardless, I just jumped over there for a minute since I hadn't yet today and they've got the following video of Berman posted.

I share it here again because all of us here at BS unequivocally cannot stand Chris Berman. He's a dinosaur whose schtick was never funny or nearly as clever as he believed it was. Plus, I think it's safe to say we all always thought he was probably this arrogant of a douchebag when off-camera and so we're glad to see it confirmed.

Also, dude? Get over it. Somebody moved. Deal with it. You're supposed to be able to concentrate. You're supposed to be a professional. Not a whiny, repetitive, obnoxious, talking, fat vagina.

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