WINTER STORM '08!!!! (& IU comment)

^^^^^Not the scene in front of Boilerdowd's house this morning^^^^^

For two days, Angela Buchman and other local meteorologists have been warning us of pending doom. 6-10 inces of snow, followed by ice followed by a rapid thaw that would cause a mess driving. Doomsday was set to befall us at between midnight and 2am.

Save yourself...Winter Storms a-comin'!

I went to bed at 1:47am...I could still see the top of my grass. I woke up this morning, I could still see the top of my grass. I went out this morning and shoveled less than one inch of wet snow off of my driveway in 10 minutes. Very Scary!!!

I think my Dad's right- Mr. Kroger and Meijer are part of the weather conspiracy. Hope you guys made your money off of the desparate mothers buyiing milk for the babies last night, jackasses!

Is there any other job in the world that has better job security than Meteorology? They're wrong more than half of the time, yet they keep showing up on my TV every stinking day...and my wife checks in with them as if they are the Bible. There is no truth during the weather more than me predicting how my business will go next year- it's a guess. An articulate guess in front of a green wall by a beautiful person.
Suprise to no one: Hoosiers lose
When your offense is based on the premise of standing around and watching one guy score...and that guy breaks a bone in his wrist, you'd think your offense would be pretty lousy. Well, IU's offense was pretty lousy last night. It didn't help anything that Wisconsin wasn't pleased coming off of a painful loss to a bunch of young up-and-comers...They were ready to play.

Sampson was left shaking his head at poor shots and physical play that the Hoosiers couldn't match. In typical Wisconsin style, the Badgers simply beat up on the Hoosiers while they methodically worked the ball inside offensively.

Ratliff and the Hoosiers couldn't slow down the Big Badger attack

Now our Boilers are locked in for a first place tie with MSU, Wisconsin and those same Cheater-led Hoosiers. While I hope for the best, I'm pretty sure Purdue's time atop the league will be short-lived as the meat of the schedule is coming up quickly. I'm all for not waiting until these guys are upper classmen, but our Boilers simply don't shoot well-enough to be considered a favorite for winning the BT, yet. If they can figure out how to shoot just 5-7% better, their defense will carry them to a championship.

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