Sideboob Fourth

Greetings, loyal readers. It's Friday, July 4th and being that it's a very special Friday, I wanted to share something special with you, the loyal readers who are.... on the interwebs on a national holiday.

Regardless, today is the famous Coney Island hot dog eating contest. Let's see who can make themselves vomit 65 hot dogs! Sweet. What better way to celebrate this wonderful nation's birthday than with hot dogs, cookouts, sunshine (hopefull) and, of course, boobies.

First up, I don't know. I'm out of practice. I never remember to ask them their names. (The girls, not their boobs.)

This is Lexi. She loves America, clearly.

And we wrap up with a lovely, modest pair of.... flags. What did you think I was gonna say?

With that, the week comes to a close and we wish you all the best fourth and happy and safe holiday weekend. Usually, when people wish you a "safe" holiday, I often wonder why... but with July 4th, when the main components often are alcohol and explosives, well, it's a relevant wish.

So be safe, enjoy yourselves and be good.

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