Fun Weekend

It was a good weekend for a lot of reasons...But if you're a sports fan who isn't a big baseball guy, you don't expect the 4th of July to be that great of a sports weekend. This one was though.

First, Wimbledon was epic. Not to sound like Jim Rome, but even if you're not a fan of watching tennis, the match was one for the ages. These two guys had such great control on their shots, each volley was interesting. I am not a fan of capri pants and greasy hair, so I was rooting for Federer...I hope he can win the next two Grand Slam tourneys to get the bandwagoners off of Nadals nads. I don't usually say that word, but it works here.

Second, the IRL race was pretty entertaining...but the best part of the race was the fact that another young driver got his first victory. Ryan Hunter-Reay, who has shown a lot of promis this season broke through in Watkins Glen. Granted, he probably wouldn't have won if it wasn't for a gaffe on the part of Scott Dixon, but he did earn it...Regardless of whom he's racing for next season, I think he may contend for the points in Indy Car in '09.

Lastly, and like I said I'm not a big baseball fan like Tim and J...Further, if I do have any allegiance, it's to the Red Sox...But their three-game set, despite the fact that the Sox were 1-2, was a good one to watch. Lots of drama and some porn staches...Good TV.

Hope your long weekend went well...Even with weekends like this one, I still can't wait until September 6.

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