Apparently Fat Charlie Does Care What You Think

You may have missed it two weekends ago, but everyone's favorite manatee, Charlie Weis, gave an interview to ESPN. Because if there's one thing I want to hear about during the first weekend of the NCAA basketball tournament, it's Notre Dame football. Huh?

Anyway, Fat Charlie decided to use part of the interview as a chance to talk about how mean people are and how they don't know him at all. You may need to turn your sound up a bit to catch it, but here's his answer to what has surprised him at ND.

It's "disheartening" when people who "don't know who you are" take shots at your character. What people who don't know you are taking shots at you, Charles? You're on TV all the damn time, you run your mouth constantly.... we know damn well who you are. You're an arrogant SOB who used to at least have the fact that it didn't appear that what detractors said bothered you. You had that going for you. You were doing things your way and you didn't care what anyone else thought. It made you look even more doofus-y arrogant, but hey, at least you had that.

But now it's clear that you have been listening and you do care. And that's just funny.

More of Charlie's explanation:

"It pains your soul."

Seriously, Chuck? Have you been reading women's lit lately? Are you getting your period? Pains your effing soul??

You know what would pain my soul if I were a blindly arrogant loyal Notre Damn supporter? Seeing my team pay a fortune for a guy who promised a "decided schematic advantage" and then proceeded to get his ass kicked on a regular basis by:

-All powerhouse programs
-All decent programs
-Many mediocre programs
-Some awful programs

That's what would pain my soul. But as a Boilermaker, it just makes me happy that you continue to look like the a-hole that you are. And it makes me even more happy that you think people don't know you. Because that simply shows an utter lack of comprehension and awareness of the world around you. Which isn't unusual for extremely arrogant people.

You are arrogant. You are sarcastic.

You are a jerk. And yes, we know exactly who you are.

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