Is this possible?

That's the question asked over and over by fans and media types during this time of year- Is it possible for this player to jump to the NBA early? Is it possible for this coach to head for "greener pastures" even as the program he's built is thriving...and so on.

Is it possible that we're in a dead 5-day period, but there is so much excitement? Oh yes, and it's this way each season.

While anything seems like a possibility at this time, my advice is to temper your giddiness. Some of these moves have Purdue involved...for instance-

With UK canning Billy Gillespie, it looks like it's nearly a done deal that "Teflon" John Calipari will take over in Lexington. And while IU now understands the dire straits that can be brought about by hiring a former cheater, the Wildcat faithful don't care and want to win, at any cost right now. The NCAA's microscope will be more focused on a program like Kentucky than say...I don't know...Memphis. This is a crown jewel program for the NCAA. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, the NCAA doesn't kill the cash cow; but it will make sure its leader isn't leading there long if he's doing things that clearly violate NCAA rules. So, UK fan, beware of the things you whisper in Santa's ear, because Christmas morning is only one day...there might be a lot of clean-up following the reception of your gift.

Purdue's wrapped up in this conversation in the fact that Indianapolis, class of 2010 product, 5-star small forward, Dominique Ferguson, really liked Billy Gillespie, and Purdue was in his final-2. Websites and talk radio alike (in the Indy area) is abuzz with the possibility of Ferguson opening up his recruiting and Purdue becoming invoved, once again. And, Matty Painter saying, "We need another Glenn Robinson..." might have been a very calculated move following Purdue's exit from the NCAA tournament.

But, with another Glenn Robinson comes a bunch of potential problems, it seems. I'm not saying every 5-star McDonald's AA player comes with baggage (or only arrives with bags of cash), but I am saying many do...and the fact that this kid comes from a high school program that has done some things that use every inch of the rule to make sure an EIGHTH GRADER will be playing for their program, come ninth grade, only makes me more bothered by this prospect. If a kid wants to play at Purdue, great...but I know Matty's smart enough than to make any questionable deals, or to play ball with a kid's AAU coach or Dad just to get him in black and least, I hope that's the case.

With Calipari gone from Memphis, perhaps Kelvin Sampson will make his move to be reinstated by the NCAA and get another head-coaching job...or Quinn Snyder wil make his way back to the never know.

Some other rumors floating around are that Pitino or Tubby Smith is heading to Arizona (Smith was also rumored in connection to UVa's job)...To me, Pitino seems like the guy there.

On the player side of the rumor mill, names are popping up every day who will be turning pro. You heard about the smartest guy in the world, BJ Mullens throwing his name into the NBA ring...and another HUGE name, DuJuan Summers will head to the league after accomplishing everything possible in the NCAA game...same for Nick Calathes whose Gators went all the way to the NIT following his fantastic season in the rugged SEC.

Players like the above make me want to beg our guys to wait until the time is right to bolt for the league. JJ is still mentioned by CBS as an undecided...and if his Mom isn't in his ear about staying for another year, I can guarantee you a shady agent is in his other ear about leaving.

Gentlemen, stick around, the best is yet to come...if the team does as well as I think they can next season, you will also be doing quite well...

The press had it wrong as they hyped Purdue as a pre-season top-10 team; they were a year early, just like most of the guys who are leaving college to play in the passionless cesspool that is the NBA.

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