Palin the Newscaster

Okay, so I know many other sites had this over the weekend but we were taking it easy. Reader Patrick provided this to us and gave us the possibility of being ahead of the curve but hey, we're not newsbreakers here.

But there's a video on YouTube of Sarah Palin doing the sports on the local newscast in, supposedly, Anchorage. Now, I don't know how everyone is so certain this is her, but there's also speculation on it being "definitely the 10 o'clock news." Which is weird, because she gives in-progress score updates during the clip. And if the Bulls are playing the Clippers in Chicago and they're only in the third quarter, this cannot possibly be the 10 PM news in Alaska. Because that would be after 1 AM in Chicago.

Anyway, here she is. And you can see why she didn't pursue this career path. Oh, and the connection to us, of course, is that Purdue is ranked second in the nation in hoops and is playing at, uhm, "McKay Arena." Or something.

I also love that she builds up the Knicks-Nets highlight by talking about Willis Reed facing his old team at the Meadowlands and then..... okay, here's the score. Thanks for playing.

She also takes the time to hammer the Minnesota North Stars for how bad they suck and then... shows that they're winning their game. Nice connection, Sarah.

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