Purdue v. Minnesota Prognostications

This week's game is a blessing and a curse...It's a blessing because Goldy is probably a year away from being a legit ranked opponent, so they're beatable. It's a curse, because they're still ranked...and Tiller's teams are still sans-victory in the last 17 contests versus teams that have earned spots in the national rankings.

Let's all be very honest though- If Purdue played a well-coached, mid-sized high school team...and made the amount of mistakes they did last week, they'd get beaten. I know, I know, the coordinators have done a good job and only someone as intellectually mature as Joe himself could really understand that it's more about effort than wins and losses at this point...But our Boilers looked simply lousy last weekend...Not like the Coletto Era, but like the Akers Era, friends.

The question is- Was what we saw in Evanston the bottom of the recent nosedive? Here's what we're thinking about this week's Homecoming Matchup v. Minny.

Tim says:
Good for Purdue
-It's been 18 seasons since the Gophers won at Purdue.
-Purdue hasn't dropped five in a row since losing six straight in 2005 (has it really been that long? *rolls eyes*)
-It's Minnesota

Bad for Purdue
-They're Purdue
-Purdue has a 17-game losing streak to Top 25 opponents
-They suck

At this point it doesn't matter who the f Purdue plays. They're done. Should they win this game? Absolutely. Will they win this game? Absolutely not.

They freaking should win 45 - 10. They will, however, snatch defeat from the jaws of certain victory.

The wheels are off the train and the train is on fire and the conductor is taking a nap. F you conductor!

Minnesota - 38
Purdue - 20

J says:

Purdue hosts a ranked team this week. Uh-oh.

While none of us here think Minny is THAT good, their record is 6-1 and you have to give them credit. Whatever Tim Brewster is doing to get quality football players to come to the land where it's hard to tell the co-eds from the livestock, it's working (and he hasn't been caught yet). So good for him and good for them.

Another thing that's probably changed -- this isn't your father's Glen Mason Minnesota program anymore. Joe Tiller owned Glen Mason and would take him off the shelf and toy with him every fall before crushing Mason's hopes and dreams and putting him away for another year. Purdue-Minnesota's history has many interesting games, almost all of them shootouts... even back when both programs were terrible. And then there's of course the famous Brandon Hance comeback that's still kind of ridiculous.

Thing is, though, I don't think Minnesota fears us anymore -- if they ever did. Brewster has them thinking bigger and winning bigger games than they've won in many years. This team reminds me of those early Tiller teams -- they're talented but are also playing over their heads and catching teams by surprise. Does that mean there's a chance they could let down against a 2-5 Purdue squad and get beat? Sure it does....Purdue has the talent to hang with most teams in the Big Ten, as we've said over and over -- they just haven't gone out there and executed.

Talent-wise, this should be a great game, probably another shootout. But reality-wise, with the way Purdue simply hasn't shown up lately.... I can't imagine why I would pick them to win.
The defense shows up and plays hard against two of the better teams in the COUNTRY in OSU and PSU, and then goes into the crapper against Northwestern when the offense finally awakens and at least gets 20+ points on the board. There's just no telling which wheel is going to come off from week to week. But one thing is usually pretty consistent -- Purdue doesn't beat ranked teams anymore. I really hope I'm wrong.

Minnesota 27
Purdue 16

boilerdowd says:
This game is a lot like last week in that part of me believes Purdue wins...Sure, that's the completely illogical part because this is not the same Minnesota team of last season...So, I'm going with logic. Tiller-coached teams of late have played way-down versus poorer competition and risen to the challenge for close losses versus good teams (awesome sports psychology, by the way).

Until they prove otherwise to me, I don't know how I can pick my alma mater. I'm seeing flashbacks of Reggie Fogie-era greatness from Goldie...I mean Tony Dungy-era greatness...and on the other sideline, Fred Akers and his gigantic hat might once again be stalking the sidelines of Ross Ade...or at least it will feel like it. (Put in Downing!) You have to figure Minnesota is due for a victory in West Lafayette...

Will Tiller end his career with a 19-game losing streak versus ranked opponents? It certainly looks that way right now. The magic formula of (Purdue continues...

Minnesota 34
Purdue 28

Purdue Takes Control!

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