See, Now, I Don't Think This Is Wise

I've always said that if I ever hit for a big lottery or powerball win, I wouldn't tell anyone... not until I'd cashed in (and maybe not even then)... but definitely not before hand.

Because if you win, the only way you're getting your money is to turn in your winning lottery ticket. And this guy in Tampa (shown here wearing a "Devil Rays" shirt) put down $100 at Bally's in Vegas before the season on the 250-to-1 shot Rays to win the World Series. So the ticket he's flashing about is worth $25,000 if the Rays win three more games.

I think I'd put that in a safety-deposit box, wouldn't you? But no, this guy is taking the ticket to games with him. Uhhh, not wise, fella, not wise. Do you not think there are people in the parking lot of Tropicana Field who would beat you up for $25,000? I think there might be.

If this were Detroit, the dude woulda been clipped by now.

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