The Boiled Sports Podcast Has Landed

Boiled Sports stupidity/sexiness is coming to a theater near you, so put your pants on. Or don't.

To listen to the first-ever BS Podcast, you can click on the link below or simply click play on the little player down below. But don't click on your own "little player." At least, not around us.

Yes, it's a little rambling and careens violently from topic to topic, but why should the podcast be different from the site? This is our first run and so we promise to try to get better. By football season, we'll have it down to a scientology.

The Boiled Sports Podcast for May 20, 2009

J and boilerdowd get on the horn to talk about the future of the BS podcast series, why Notre Dame sucks, whether baseball or Indycar racing are more sleep-inducing, the outlook for Danny Hope and Boilermaker football, and lots in between.

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