A Closer Look at Robert Marve: The Newest Boilermaker

Robert Marve wearing familiar colors

For a few days, if you're a Purdue fan, you thought Robert Marve was a Purdue lean...especially if you visit GBI regularly. But, when his announcement was officially made, many Purdue fans got anxious as he said "I'll be attending...the University of...Purdue."

Honest mistake, but that made that mini-presser more-than-interesting for some. Honestly, I didn't watch it. While I'm excited about the prospect of Marve coming to God's Country, I was pretty-much done with following it...speculation was rampant, he had been slow to make his decision...and at that point, did it really matter?

It's official, so now it does matter- here's why-
Marve is a legit talent...but his commitment to Danny Hope might be even-more beneficial than some are willing to admit. Hope's staff, like last season, is hitting the Sunshine State hard...and many of those kids that might become Boilers remember the news their Freshman year as Marve completed his record-setting high school career with a dramatic come-from-behind State Championship victory. Shortly after, Marve was named Florida's Mr. Football.

If you remember playing sports in high school, you remember watching the best upper-classmen and hoping you could follow in their shoes in a few years...perhaps a few of them are still thinking this way as Hope zig-zags across the state.

Eugene Marve, Robert's ex-NFL linebacker Dad is pleased with his son's decision to play for Danny Hope

Rough Ride
After breaking Tim Tebow's Florida high school state yardage record and ending his high school career, Marve looked like he might be starting as a true Freshman at Miami. But, in July prior to his Frosh season, he was riding in a car that barrel-rolled in a violent wreck. Following the wreck, Marve had multiple injuries to his non-throwing hand...one being a nearly-severed pinky. The injuries suffered caused him to redshirt in the fall of '07.

After being named the starter for the '08 season in Miami, Marve got into a bit of trouble. He got into an altercation that led to him breaking a mirror on a car and then fleeing police to avoice being arrested. As a result, he was suspended for Miami's home opener last season.

The next week, he was welcomed to college football by the Florida Gators- a tough way to begin...Make no mistake, Marve's only season as a starter was rocky. He averaged just-over 100 yards passing per game while splitting time with another quarterback...he threw 9 TDs, but 13 Int. while only completing 54% of his passes. But, in relief duty, Marve made a gritty comeback by both passing and rushing to beat a solid Wake Forest team. Just for a point of refernce, Marve's back-up, another Freshman completed 47% of his passes, had 16 TDs and 7Int. Neither set the world on fire...and that's probably the problem with Marve in the eyes of The U fans- he was supposed to be the next great QB; but he just looked like a Freshman...and as anybody knows, the back-up is always extremely popular...no different here.

At the end of the season, Marve was suspended, yet-again- This time for the Emerald Bowl. The suspension was a result of either a miscommunication of class schedule requirements or flat-out cutting of class (depending on whom you believe). But, the whole season left Marve and Coach Shannon at odds, and Marve wanted out.

The fued left everyone looking pretty lousy, in my opinion...But Marve's high school coach thought Shannon handled it poorly, and because of that, lost respect for Shannon.

Looking Forward
And that leads us to what happened this afternoon...As Marve made his announcement, he intimated that he won't get his chance to lead the offense until he sits out for the year. But perhaps, this isn't an open/shut case. There will be two other quarterbacks vying for the position of starting quarterback- The 6'5", strong-armed Caleb TerBush and the extremely-athletic Rob Henry. Both of these quarterbacks might develop a great deal in the next year as neither has seen a ton of action under center...even in high school. But, for those of you who don't know Henry, one way or another, you probably will in the near future. It seems he's too good of an athlete to keep off the field- perhaps it will be in the shotgun at Ross-Ade? Time will tell.

Before that battle begins, you can be guaranteed Purdue will have one of the most-highly touted scout team quarterbacks in America, in Robert Marve...After that, let the competition begin.

That was awesome.

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