You Stay Classy, BC

As you may have heard, BC head coach Jeff Jagodzinski is on the Jets list of coaches they'd like to speak to about their vacant head coaching position. You may have also heard that Jags is going to be canned if he goes through with the interview, as per BC's AD, according to sources.

If this is true, it's kind of ridiculous and really bad for BC football. In recent years, when Purdue football has continued the downward trend of mediocrity and I, on one or two occasions, got so mad I uttered something about firing Coach Tiller, Boilerdowd often calmed me by pointing out that the University just can't do that. You can't bring on a guy who does a good job and then, before he can leave on his own terms, boot him out. And the reason you can't do that is because of how other coaches will look at the job. If you're an up-and-coming coach who has a couple of decent options, and one of the programs has a history of firing coaches for interviewing for jobs in the offseason, well, that's not exactly an appealing place to be.

What is Jags supposed to do? Be BC head coach for life? Or until BC fires him or forces him to "resign"? I'm all for guys honoring contracts but I don't have a huge problem with coaches jumping to new jobs because there's nowhere that says the school has to honor the contract (yes, I realize you get paid but you know what I mean).

And now, assuming this threat is true, no matter what happens, the damage is done. Whether Jagodzinski winds up as the head coach of the Jets, stays at BC, or gets canned -- the word is out that BC is willing to threaten their head coaches in this manner. Not a good thing for your program.

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