Top Things Said on July 4

Why are you reading a Purdue blog on July 4?

If you're at work killing time, our apologies. But if you're doing what people do on summer holiday weekends, well, maybe you're reading this by the pool or a lake or the ocean.... in which case, can we see what you're wearing? (Not you, guys.)

So what are the most common things uttered today around our great nation? Here's a sampling and the percentage of Americans who say it (or something similar) today:

"Happy Fourth!" (71%)
"Hey, do you have a towel?" (64%)
"Another beer?" (54%)
"Hey, does this meat look cooked to you?" (52%)
"Can I rub some lotion on your back?" (42%)
"Do you think this is a good idea?" (39% and so many meanings)

Whatever you're doing today, thanks for reading us on occasion and enjoy your Independence Day.

Oh, and those items above are made up.

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