Ice-Cold Rivalry

Ice & snow kept IU from traveling & nearly 20 inches of drifting & blowing snow shut down Purdue University for the second day in a row. The storm also has caused the Purdue v. IU game to be moved back 24 hours until Thursday night.

So, how important is this game- I'd say pretty important. Many, myself and Matt Painter included, think that without this victory, our Boilers won't go dancing this year. Sure, there's more to be done, but this game is a bit of lynch pin in the case for Purdue as an NCAA tournament team. Nearly as important, to me, is Purdue can avenge an ugly, sloppy ass-kicking handed to them by IU earlier this season? Could Teague possibly shut Earl Calloway up in the process? That's doubtful as he is one the few players in NCAA basketball classy enough to talk trash to another team's head coach, not just the guy guarding him. The thing that annoys me about that is that he's not even good. So shut up, Earl. Let White, Wilmont or someone who's done something do the talking. Oh yeah, your Dad, John Clayton called me and told me to tell you to tone it down a bit.

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