Making the most of an opportunity

Only four Boilers were invited to the NFL Combine in Lucas Oil Stadium, but all have been noteworthy, at least in one or two categories.

-Alex Magee was a top-10 performer in the bench press putting up 225 30 times (that's impressive to me because I can only do it 29 times). While some scouts say his position switch in '08 helped show his flexibility from a positional standpoint, I don't think it raised his stock at all as his numbers never seemed to show a dominant DE.

-Curtis Painter surprised some people by finishing in the top-10 in the 40 (finishing 6th with a 4.87)...remember, he was an option quarterback during his first season at Purdue. He was fifth in the three-cone drill, coming in at 7.0.

-Greg Orton came into the combine chiseled, and his bench press reflected his physique. He put up 225 22 times, third-most by wide receivers. His vertical leap of 38 inches tied him in 6th place...and his 10'5" broad jump placed him 7th among a very talented group of receivers. His numbers, route-running and build seem to lend themselves to being a possession receiver on the next level.

-Kory Sheets confidence was the only thing that outshined his performance at the combine. Calling himself one of the most under-rated backs at the event, Sheets backed it up by running a top-3 4.47 40 yard dash, a top-5 vertical jump (37 in.), top-5 broad jump (10'1") and the sixth-best 60-yard shuttle running an 11.7.

Both Kory and Curtis were asked some difficult questions- Curtis was asked about his drop in production in '08...his answers were congruent with his overall his old coach, he wasn't too up or too down ever while in a Boiler uniform, and he didn't get too excited about these questions either. He simply reiterated that he was trying to prove he was a capable athlete and that he placed too much pressure on himself during his Senior campaign.

Sheets, like Painter, didn't seem to have the best answer when asked a difficult question. Teams and media members alike asked him about his public conflict with Painter and Tiller during his final season at Purdue. He pretty much said, "It was what it was..."

Neither player particularly helped themselves with these answers. Hopefully all these Boilers test well behind closed doors.

Quick note- I have no idea why Anthony Heygood didn't get a look at the Combine...hopefully he'll be able to help himself during the pro day in West Lafayette.

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