Pre-Season Prognostications are Worth Little

Either Hummel has Leprosy or he earned some floor burns recently

Big Ten Media day was today up in Chicago...and Purdue's men's basketball team was the talk of the event.

-The team was picked as the favorite to win the conference.

-Robbie Hummel was picked as the favorite for player of the year.

-Robbie Hummel and E'Twaan Moore were both picked as pre-season members of the All-Big Ten team.

(IU's Kyle Tabor was not named in any of the honors)

Here's what I've got to say about that- So what.

Much like Matt Painter, I don't give a rat's arse about pre-season prognostication. Predictions mean nothing. What matters is everyone's opinion come March.

Coach Painter, please do not forget to remind them about their record in Australia, if they start to buy into these press clippings. Also remind them that despite the fact that most of their players look like they can barely walk (let alone play basketball), Bo Ryan owns the Big Ten during the last five years...Oh yeah, and aOSU has a ridiculously-talented team...and MSU returns a ton of talent and has a coach that's won a lot of titles and a national championship...and Minnesota is a sexy darkhorse with a coach that's won a national title...and Illinois is quietly talented and seemed to be playing pretty well by the end of the season...and Tom Crean has a massive forehead and returns 1.3 points from last year.

My point is, the forehead and a bunch of other coaches are working hard too this off-season...and there is much to prove. And, unlike in many seasons the past 12 years, there's not much football to take away scrutiny attention from the basketball team. Afterall, Purdue is a basketball school.

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